4 common mistakes to avoid when selling your home

By : Raam Dhakad

The past few years have been a hot seller's market, but many recent home sellers (90%) say they regret how they handled the process, according to a recent Clever Real Estate survey.

These regrets run the gamut from the timing of their salespeople to the people they worked with to sell their home.

The most common regret among recent sellers was not making repairs before putting their homes up for sale, with 25% saying they regretted the decision.

 "Making repairs is important because homes in good condition increase the value and attract more buyers."

"To avoid this regret, look for easy fixes and upgrades that will enhance your home's appeal.

Simple repairs like touching up paint or replacing old cabinet hardware can make a big difference for buyers.

Sellers looking to capitalize on the hot market may have sold before finding a new place to live. Doing so was also a top regret among recent sellers, with 25% saying they regretted the decision.

The person you work with to sell your home can have a big impact on how you feel about the process.

Twenty-one percent of recent sellers said they should have chosen a different agent, and an additional 20% said they felt the realtor's fees were too high.

Many sellers had regrets about the timing of their listing, with 24% saying they wished they had waited longer to list and 20% saying they waited too long to list.

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