2023 Toyota Supra Finally Gets A Manual And 75% Of Buyers Won't Pick It

"Toyota strives to provide customers with the best options based on their needs," Toyota spokesman Paul Hoggard said in an email.

"The price parity between the manual and automatic versions of the Supra is a great way to give customers the choice of how they want to experience this incredible vehicle."

That's great. It often seems that automakers forbid buyers from ordering a manual transmission when there's an extra fee to specify it, or they get buried in the base-spec penalty box.

"We're expecting about a quarter of Supra sales to be equipped with a manual transmission option," Hoggard said.

Toyota expects only one out of every four GR Supras to be bought with a manual transmission. This is why we can't have good things.

Hoggard pointed out that the GR86 only has a manual transmission rate of about 35%, and is one of the best manual sports cars you can buy right now.

If those stats hurt to read, there's only one way to fix it: buy new cars with manual transmissions.

The only way companies can justify offering manuals in the first place is if people buy them.